Why the Future is Employee Experience

Digital transformation is occurring at a fast pace and keeping up with the changes is a challenge for any business.

Many organisations treat the client experience as their top priority. They think that customer satisfaction is driving company profits. It has to be accepted that it is your employees who are providing the client experience so their feelings about their workplace also matter. It is best to start digital transformation with the employee experience.

What is the Employee Experience?

Employee experience gives an overview of the cultural, technological and physical environment of the business. It is related to employee engagement that measures how connected workers feel to the company’s values and goals. A positive employee experience will lead to more worker engagement. The employee experience is about what it is like to work for an organisation.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the shift to relying on technology to solve problems in the workplace. The world as a whole is becoming more and more digitised and companies have to keep pace. It is not about introducing a single piece of software but rather a complete overhaul of the business’s entire way of working so that all processes are digitised.

Why is it Important to Prioritize Employee Experience?

The way most companies approach digital transformation does not work.  Less than 30% of transformations achieve the goals that were set (McKinsey).

The most common objective is to digitise the operating model. Other aims were to launch new products or services or communicate better with external organisations. None of the businesses had improving the employee experience as a goal.

This is a mistake because the customer experience is positive only when the employee is having a happy experience.  The attitudes and behaviours of your staff directly impact your clients. It makes sense to make the employee experience a priority.


How do I Digitise the Employee Experience?


Digitisation of the entire workforce is the only way to improve employee experience.  This positive step will help your business to make greater use of technology.


Software and apps can seem impressive but the secret to success is to engage with the real world goals of your employees. A good employee experience involves:

  1. Recognition
  2. Communication
  3. Opportunity
  4. Relationships

The ideal digital solution means having a positive employee journey in all of the above areas.

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